The development of an Academy


  • Establishment of the LDT Registered Association (Educational Institution of German Textile Retailers) at Castle Hohenstein in Stuttgart.
  • Length of programme 2 semesters, 26 students.


  • Moved to Nagold into the “Red Schoolhouse”.


  • The new building – an auditorium and eight lecture halls – at Wolfsberg, Vogelsangweg 23.


  • Expansion of the programme from 2 to 3 semesters.


  • Purchase of a house across from the school and the establishment of the “Waldruhe” as a student club.


  • Creation of an addition with a further six lecture theatres and the Casino.
  • Four semester training period.


  • Presentation of the Forum Prize of the Textile Management at the LDT Nagold.
  • Start of cooperation with the University of Northwood, USA.


  • Increase and expansion of the Casino building for an additional six lecture theatres, two communications rooms, two computer rooms as well as construction of a parking garage with 280 parking spaces.


  • Decommissioning of the old “Waldruhe” bar due to the state of disrepair and integration of a new student club in the lower part of the Casino building.


  • The Dual Degree Programme (LDT Corporate Model) with approximately 30 participants and introduction of the additional qualification “Retail Merchandiser” in a full-time programme began in August.


  • Integration of the European Education Forum Footwear (EBS Mainz).
  • Start of cooperation with the Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi, India.


  • The post for Managing Director Finance and Marketing is filled.
  • Approx. 340 students.


  • Beginning of the gradual implementation of a curriculum reform with a redesign of the curriculum, changing of the school hours and reorganization of the examination process.


  • Introduction of the possibility to choose the focus of study on Industry/Wholesale.
  • Conversion of the legal form of a registered association (e.V.) into a non-profit GmbH (gGmbH).


  • Parallel training in a total of three different study models with six different specialised degrees.
  • Occupational qualification.
  • Membership IFFTI.
  • Total of 400 students. Approx. 200 graduates per year.


  • Start of cooperation with Steinbeis University Berlin and the joint offer: Occupational postgraduate course for LDT graduates for “Bachelor of Arts/Master/PhD of Business Administration” (BBA) with an emphasis in 'Fashion Business Management' (accredited, internationally recognised academic degree).


  • Approx. 560 students.
  • 60th anniversary.


  • Approx. 600 students.
  • Over 350 partner companies from retail, industry, organisations and trade associations.


  • General renovation began. Investment scope approx. 3.5 million Euro.


  • The Wilhelm Lorch Foundation awarded a prize “for the long-lasting facilities of the planned Learning and Competence Centre at the LDT Nagold”.
  • Prize money doubled by the Deutschen Fachverlag (Textile Industry).


  • Completion of the general renovation. Completion of the MLK (Multimedia Learning and Competence Centre) and Open-Air Auditorium.
  • Introduction of the intranet. Brand relaunch.