Company Profile CBR Fashion Group

The CBR Fashion Group belongs to the top five providers for women’s fashion in Germany. The success story has only been possible because of people who are passionate about fashion. People like our approximately 1000 employees - they create CBR’s success anew every day. Their creativity and efficiency has brought us to where we are today: one of the top five providers of women’s fashion in Germany. A company that is filled with a love of products and the ability to turn trends into fashion with outstanding speed. As different as all the people are that stand behind the many tasks of CBR, they still have one thing in common: Actions are always based on the needs of the customer. To make them happy, the best idea and the best argument counts - no matter who it comes from. When you want to work together on equal footing, respect and team spirit form an essential basis. It is therefore only natural that we have set ourselves the goal of really living as partners in all of our business relationships.


One of our major priorities is to establish early contacts with students and start on a common path together.

We look forward to new, innovative minds who share our passion for fashion and a strong brand. For driven employees, who want to help us continue to write our success story. For this reason, we are partners of the Dual Degree Programme for Business Administration Textiles BTE at the LDT Nagold.

Through the order trainings organised by us, you as a student of the LDT Nagold learn from our employees the necessary know-how for the sale. On the basis of practically oriented exercises based on current trends, your reasoning abilities, among other things, are trained and developed. Finally, feedback is given in both small and large groups so that no questions go unanswered.

Further information about the company or available positions can be found here.