Excellence in Theory and Practice - our Faculty Team

Andreadis, Nikos

Communications Trainer


Anklam, Peter

DOB Fabric, Specific Product Training

Market Research, Buyer Behaviour, Industry Controlling, Strategic Management, Marketing, Sales Controlling, Purchasing Concepts (simulation), Business Start-Ups, Discussions on the Fundamental Questions of Business Ethics, Large Case Study

Bittlinger, Dr. Ulrich

Diploma Business Administrator

Distance Trade

Brase, Karin

Dipl.- Designer (FH)

Color and Style Consulting

Braun, Christof

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Cross Channel Commerce
Digital strategies for stationary trade

Dahl, Marc

Diploma Business Administrator FH

Education Law

Depenbrock, Eckhard

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Costing, Cost Accounting, General Business, Purchasing Process

Dingler, Susanne

Diploma Business Administrator BA

Sales Training in the Trade

Florin, Petra

Diploma Designer - Interior Architecture

- Shopfitting as Brand Concept
- Revenue Assurance Through Visual Storytelling

Funke-Reichert, Michaela

Diploma Fashion Designer Department Head Procurement Trade Goods in the Industrial Sector

Procurement and Production Planning

Frim, Oliver

Category Management in Purchasing

Geil, Hans-Peter

Textile Merchant, Corporate Consultant

LDT Management – Organisation

Grüninger, Bettina

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Sales Communications,
Market Research / Trend Spotting DOB
DOB Fashion Market, DOB Order Training, Young Fashion Order Training, Negotiation Strategies for Buyers

Heiner, Uwe-Gert

Diploma Engineer FH

Mesh Techniques

Heitmann, Ulf

Diploma Economics

General Business, Contract Law, Personnel Planning, Sports Practice, Franchising, Fundamentals of Economics,  Organisation and Compensation Systems, Area Management, Large Case Study

Heldens, Susanne

Diploma Engineer, Clothing Technology

DOB Fabric, Specific Product Training

Hesse-Görries, Dorothe

Diploma Education

Personnel Management, Business Law, Self Management, Communications Basics, AdA Preparation, Planning and Conducting Training

Holstein, Bernd

Manufacturing Techniques, Footwear

Jung, Rüdiger

Diploma Trade and Industrial Business Administrator, Managing Director LDT

Cost Accounting, Controlling, Hugo-Boss-Workshop

Kätel, Florian

Shoe Designer

Trend Development Footwear

Kamps, Markus

Bedding, Sleep Systems, Blankets


Associate of Applied Science

Grammar, International Sales, Market Development, Business English Correspondence

Kumpf, Dorothea

Diploma Engineer FH Textile Design

Menswear Fabrics, Menswear Wovens, Market Information, Menswear Trend Spotting, Basic and Secondary Clothing Instruction

Leichsenring, Einar

Diploma Business Administrator, Corporate Consultant

Rhetoric / Speaking Techniques,
Interview Training, Marketing Case Study

Leins-Bender, Silvia

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Basic Speaking Techniques, Sales Training, Household Furnishings, Exercises such as Materials Testing, DOB, DUB Foundations, Quality Assurance, Product Assessment, Men’s Underwear, Stockings

Mroz Manfred

LDT Managing Director

Didactics, Hugo-Boss-Workshop,
Moderation & Presentation

Müller-Hedrich, Bernd

Professor, Dr. rer. pol.

Economic Policy, Industrial Investment Management, Current Economic Policy and Stock Market

Noetges, Heinz-Josef

Corporate Consultant

Corporate Strategic Marketing

Petri, Frank

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Short-term Income Statement (KER),
Limit Planning, Purchase Planning, Controlling Merchandise Management, Speciality Area Sporting Goods, Speciality Area Footwear, Large Case Study

Raaf, Helmut

Footwear Retail Merchant, Vice President BDSE, Recipient of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany

Footwear: Technology - Fashion - Sales

Raithel, Ingo

Diploma Engineer FH

Natural Fibers, Chemical Fibers, Textile Finishing, Basic Materials Testing, Project Management, Introduction to Leather

Reitmeier Martina

Personnel Development

Recruitment Exercises and Selection, AC Training

Rentschler, Annette

Tax Consultant


Rodewald, Anna


Sauer, Antje

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Coaching for Young Professionals

Seeger, Uwe

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Specialised Product Training Menswear

Seitz, Volker

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Product Marketing / Product Management in the Clothing Industry, Order Training Menswear, Menswear Field Trip, Men’s Shirts, Menswear Fashion Market, Purchase Planning, Order Techniques Menswear, Jeans Basics

Stuber dott., Gracia

Lecturer for Italian Language Studies


Sudar, Mateo

Textilbetriebswirt BTE/Bachelor of Business Administration, Unternehmer und Unternehmensberater

Strategische Unternehmensentwicklung, Online-Marketing, E-Commerce, StartUp-Entwicklung, Unternehmensgründung, Business Coaching 

Türk, Herbert

Orthopedic Shoe Master

Anatomy, Orthopedics

Vesin, Eva

Master of Science (M.S.c.) Textile Management Department


Volz, Sandra

Business Administrator Textiles BTE, Corporate Consultant

Career Counselor for  Junior Textile Trainees,
Sales and Procurement, Business Etiquette, International Trade Relationships, Development and Production of Your Own Brand, Fit for Practice, From Executive to Leader

von Schöning, Eva-Maria

Business Administrator Textiles BTE

Financial Accounting I, Business Mathematics, Buying & Production, Cost Accounting, Costcentre Accounting (short term profit) Procurement I

Wohlleber, Sabine

Diploma Merchant, Tax Consultant

General Taxation, Corporate Taxes

Ziegler, Werner

Diploma Business Administrator, Corporate Consultant

Limit Planning/Control, Basic Merchandising (WWS), Purchase Planning and Purchase Control, E-Commerce, Power Point, Finance/Liquidity Planning, Area Merchandising, Practical  Financial controlling on the PC, Data Base Marketing and Customer Cards, Limit Planning with Excel, Internet, New Media, Large Case Study