Intensivkurs Textile Warenkunde – Summercamp der LDT Nagold

Die ‚Textile Warenkunde‘ stellt eine der Kernkompetenzen der LDT Nagold dar. Diese möchten wir im Rahmen unseres ‚Summercamps Warenkunde intensiv‘ gerne an Interessierte in der Modebranche weiter geben! Die Seminarreihe richtet sich an Quereinsteiger, Einkäufer, Ausbilder im textilen Bereich sowie Hochschulabsolventen nicht textiler Studiengänge. 

Seminarwoche 1 vom 13.-17. Mai 2019

Seminarwoche 2 vom 3.-7. Juni 2019


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Kurzstudium zum Fachwirt LDT

Bekleidungs-, Sport- oder Schuhfachwirt LDT

Informationstage Fachwirt:

Mittwoch, 03. April 2019 von 13 - 16 Uhr

Dienstag, 25. Juni 2019 von 13 - 16 Uhr


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The legendary Summer Festival is held every June at the LDT Nagold with the theme “Learn Together - Celebrate Together”. This festival, organised jointly by the Student Council and the school management draws large numbers of Texers, Ex-Texers and friends of the LDT into the beautiful Nagold Valley. Everyone is able to leave the learning and work day outside and enjoy - often into the wee hours of the morning - good food, fantastic music and being together.

To ensure that the festival can be fully enjoyed even in bad weather, a festival tent is set up especially for this event. Naturally the instructors, administrators and the school management are also on hand to enjoy a wonderful evening together with their “Texers”.

Winter Ball in November every Year

At the end of each November, completely relaxed, the Student Council and the LDT school management host a “Winter Ball” in Nagold. Dressed in evening wear, the students, instructors, administrators, school management and especially the alumni and their guests enjoy a festive evening. The LDT is transformed through elaborate preparations, into a festive atmosphere worthy of this special occasion. Revel in the “old times”, remember the wonderful and sometimes exhausting “training years” at the LDT, and stay in touch with the instructors and school management; all part of the evening’s programme. Anyone who feels that they’ve danced enough in the remodelled auditorium usually finds their way to the “Waldruhe”, the legendary club for the Texers at the LDT. There they can wind down a wonderful evening in peace with friends into the early morning hours.