Qualified Degree for Business Administrator LDT Nagold

     For the product range

  • Clothing
  • Sport
  • Footwear
  • Home and household textiles (if necessary)

The occupational practitioner course at the LDT Nagold prepares for a successful future in the fashion industry. This training course brings together four teaching modules in 11 weeks of instruction within a year, leading to a recognised industry certificate.

This programme is aimed at young entrepreneurs / junior partners, employees in management positions (also career changers), retail managers, shop managers, sales staff from the retail and industry and company successors and start-ups.

The courses are highly practical and based on many years of experience and excellent industry knowledge. A maximum of 36 participants per course guarantees personal attention during the entire study period.

Programme start is each September running through October of the following year.


There are no admissions restrictions. The LDT Nagold recommends, however, a completed training programme in the retail, wholesale or agency area.

Specialised areas on offer are Clothing Practitioner, Active Wear Practitioner, Footwear Practitioner as well as Home and Household Textiles Practitioner.

The Modules

Module 1:

General Business Studies

Module 2:

Specialised Knowledge Clothing/Active Wear/Footwear

Module 3:

Specialised Knowledge Personnel

Module 4:

Specialised Knowledge Business Studies

Length of course

The occupational short course for Practitioner LDT normally runs for 11 seminar weeks (Mon-Fri) within one year. The flexible time frame can also be extended up to two years.


A sliding examination procedure applies for the Business Administrator course: Exams are taken following the completion of a teaching theme .


A large case study will be prepared during the short course. Generally, a team of four students develop a retail company with all business areas and planning stages. In addition to the intense study of the seminar themes, the students work on their team skills, networked thinking and strategic management. Through this practical project, each student is able to contribute their individual strengths to achieve an optimal written project and be able to present the large case study to the examination board of the LDT Nagold. This counts additionally as the oral examination.


The occupational qualification results in the title “Practitioner LDT Nagold”. The merchandising focus is noted on the degree certificate, for example, “Practitioner Clothing LDT Nagold“.



Further information and registration

Jutta Heldmaier Telephone +49 7452 8409-42 and email heldmaier@remove-this.ldt.de