General Seminars

The topics of the seminars and workshops with a recognised industry qualification are target group specific.


  • Seminar for apparel retailers
  • Seminar for the footwear trade
  • Seminar for the sporting goods trade
  • Seminar for house and home textiles trade
  • Seminar for Business/Marketing/Organisation
  • Seminar for Merchandising


  • Sales Controlling (2 days)
  • Sales Training (1 day)
  • Successful Negotiation (1 day)


  • Knitwear Women Men (2 Days)
  • From Yarn to Product (2 Days)
  • HAKA Basis Know-how (1 Day)


  • Business Communications (1 Tag)
  • Negotiations (1/2 Tag)
  • Effective Meetings (1/2 Tag)

Seminar series with recognized industry certificate

- Bedding Consultant LDT Nagold (4 days)

Crash course for trainees to prepare for exams

- Salesperson IHK (5 days)
- Merchant in Retail IHK (5 days)

Special company seminars and workshops

In cooperation with companies, we design individual seminars for their staff groups. The content and methods are geared entirely to the requirements of the partner company. In order to achieve an ideal result, the LDT Nagold Corporate Seminars are divided into three phases:


In a previous consultation in the company


  • seminar objectives are clarified
  • reasons for training are determined
  • seminar methods are determined
  • duration and participants of the seminar are determined


In the implementation phase



  • individual seminars can be organised and carried out in seminar rooms at the LDT Nagold, in the company or in a hotel conference room
  • a performance review can be carried out using an evaluation form and a final discussion
  • a final feedback session between the seminar leader and the company can be conducted.


One-on-one coaching for further qualification of individual employees can be arranged.

  • Exemplary Seminar Topics
  • Limit Planning in the Surface Area
  • Special Merchandising Knowledge
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Communication and Consultation
  • Operations Management and Personnel Management.



  • Limit Planning in the Surface Area
  • Special Merchandising Knowledge
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Communication and Consultation
  • Operations Management and Personnel Management


Company Seminar - Partner


  • Breuninger
  • C&A
  • Peter Hahn
  • Kaufhof
  • Marktkauf
  • Mavi Jeans
  • Tchibo
  • Top Care
  • Wöhrl
  • s. Oliver


  • Adidas
  • Klingel
  • Felina
  • Schiesser
  • Witt Weiden
  • Pro 7
  • Hugo Boss
  • Atelier Goldener Schnitt
  • Palm
  • Sara Lee
  • Heine


„As a graduate of the LDT Nagold, it is useful to update and refresh your knowledge. This is a good reason to turn to the professionals who can fill any gaps with practical knowledge and experience and give new input. The workshop opened new perspectives, supplied arguments and valuable information for optimising the Point-of-Sale areas. The training course was adapted to the requirements of the company, well prepared and divided into two steps. This allowed the learned information to be applied, solutions for case studies developed and in the second step, practical knowledge combined together with solutions.“



Martina Waidele

Angels Jeanswear



„... the well organised flow, the extensive experience and competence of the trainers, who are able to convey the learning content with memorable language, makes the cooperation with the LDT Nagold a success for us. These factors will ensure the cooperation between KLINGEL and the LDT Nagold for years to come.”

Tanja Nagel
Personnel Development

“The seminar gave the Mavi employees from the department Sales and Visual Merchandising the basics of the KER and evaluation tables. The participants profit from the competence and years of experience of the seminar leaders and were actively involved in the training. Through the successful combination of theory and practical aspects, the Mavi participants were able to apply their valuable know-how directly from concrete case studies – as in the analysis of current sales reports. The detailed seminar materials are ideal for follow-up and as a helpful reference material. A successful seminar from the LDT Nagold that conveyed condensed expertise in two days.“

Serdar Mazmanoglu

Board of Directory
Mavi Europe AG


„... practical, competent and confident in the design of the seminar, the LDT Nagold was able to convey complex themes in business administration in the textile industry at Schiesser. Many topics of the training series have thus become common practice among the seminar participants in their daily business”.

Christoph Storck
Director Marketing

Seminar Space Exchange

To provide small to medium businesses maximum flexibility where they can register individual employees or small groups for seminars, the LDT Nagold has set up a “Seminar Space Exchange”.


You choose a seminar suitable for your business in the “Overview Corporate Seminars”;
alternatively, give us a seminar theme that you would like to see offered.

Give us the seminar number you are interested in and the number of employees that you would like to have attend.

Leave the rest to us.

  • We advertise nationwide on-line and off-line for the seminars offered by the LDT Nagold!


  • We keep you updated daily through this website with an overview of the seminars we currently offer.

    You are able to check at any time how many spaces are still available in your desired seminar!


  • We bring companies with similar interests together in order to increase the likelihood that the seminars offered can take place!


  • We coordinate an optimal seminar date with the interested companies!


  • We charge the participating companies only per participant and seminar day plus seminar fees. These are currently 200 Euro.

    The need to book a complete company seminar for individual employees or small employee groups is eliminated!


  • We will inform you in advance in the unlikely event that we are unable to find any further interested parties for the planned seminar.

    This allows you to decide if you would still like to book an individual company seminar for your company!


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