Ways and means

Career training is in the public interest and is therefore supported by a variety of instruments. We have compiled the most important funding opportunities for you. General information on the subject of costs and financing of the LDT Nagold programmes is available from Manfred Mroz, Managing Director Finance and Marketing at telephone +49 7452 8409-38 and per email at haldi@remove-this.ldt.de

Full-time BAföG Grants and Loans

The study course for Business Manager Textiles BTE has been recognised by the Ministry of Baden-Württemberg as BAföG applicable. This means that students at the LDT Nagold can apply for a student BAföG grant or loan as long as they meet the personal requirements. Eligibility for student BAföG grants and loans is generally dependent upon parental income. An exception in this case is the hardship clause. It is therefore intended in principle for students whose parents income and assets do not exceed a certain amount.

The above-mentioned legal conditions apply without restriction to the full time programmes at the LDT Nagold The BAföG applicability for the Dual Degree Programme is currently under review. Once a legally binding clarification with the relevant authorities has been made, it will be announced.

Written applications are usually submitted to the local office for educational assistance in the city or district authority of the parents residence.

For further information and the latest updates, visit the website www.bafoeg.bmbf.de

Professional Education Scholarship Programme

In individual cases, students who are among the best in their class in the business assistant examination, can be supported through the Professional Education Scholarship Programme from the Federal Government. For further information and legally binding information, please contact the Industry and Retail Chamber of Commerce from the responsible chamber district.

Educational credit from the Sparkasse

The Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw has developed a special educational credit programme for students at the LDT Nagold. The loan combines tuition fees and cost of living and is arranged with the Sparkasse at favourable terms prior to enrollment (Framework Credit Agreement). During the two-year degree programme, installments can be withdrawn from the educational loan on pre-determined dates. Repayment begins only after the LDT Nagold programme has begun. For further information, contact the Sparkasse Nagold, Ms. Kathrin Braun (last names A to I) Telephone +49 7452 9321-7584 or per email at kathrin.braun@remove-this.skpfcw.de and Ms. Beate Renz (last names J to Z) Telephone +49 7452 9321-7535 or per email at beate.renz@remove-this.skpfcw.de


An installment payment agreement can be made with the LDT Nagold when necessary. The remaining tuition fees can be repaid at a favourable annual interest rate of 6 %. Special additional payments are possible at any time. A new installment plan is calculated after each additional payment is made.




The financing model from the Signal Iduna Insurance Company stipulates that fees be paid into a life insurance policy. After the expiration, the LDT Nagold, as beneficiary of the policy, receives the accrued tuition fees plus interest.


As a part of the BAföG grant and loan programme, trainees at colleges, academies and universities, can get a BAföG bank loan or grant that goes beyond the BAföG support by using state loans. The loans are awarded with extremely favourable interest rates and are paid out in monthly installments. More information is available on the internet at https://www.kfw.de/inlandsfoerderung/Privatpersonen/Studieren-Qualifizieren


Students at the LDT Nagold can apply for a scholarship awarded through the Foundation for the Promotion of the LDT Nagold, c/o BTE, An Lyskirchen 14, 50676 Cologne.


For information on the tax treatment of the programme costs at the LDT, a fact sheet is available as a download explaining the different tax deductibility possibilities for the programme costs.


The above-mentioned information, especially on the topic of financing opportunities through BAföG and grants and bank loans from the KfW, represent the current available information regarding the LDT Nagold and its corresponding financing possibilities. An entitlement to legal liability does not apply. Further details and a legally binding clarification of individual eligibility is to be clarified by the applicant directly with the relevant body or authorities.



Scholarships - The Procedures (PDF, 75 KB)
Tax Fact Sheet Deductibility (PDF, 308 KB)