Services for Students at LDT Nagold:

1. Student Advisory Students

All students have the right to an individual student advisory session with the faculty during office hours and with the management of the LDT at any time.


2. Flat Exchange

All students can, in the online (flat exchange) and the offline flat exchange, get an overview of available rooms / apartments / shared flats and houses in the Nagold area. This is a well maintained list with detailed information about the rooms as well as information about the owner.

3. Financial Consultation

Students at LDT Nagold can request an appointment for a financial consultation at any time with the Managing Director of Finance and Marketing at LDT Nagold, Manfred Mroz. Appointments can be set up with Ms. Haldi (Assistant to the Managing Director) per email or in person in Ms. Haldi’s office.

4. Tutoring scheme in the full-time model at LDT Nagold

In the first semester, tutors (instructors) supervisor the new students and ensure that they acclimate properly into the every day student life at LDT Nagold. Tutor meetings are generally held for a selected group of a maximum of six students at regular intervals.

5. 24/7 – Access to Multimedia Learn and Competence Centre

All students receive an access chip at the beginning of their studies which allows them access into the MLK at LDT Nagold. Here are approximately 65 work stations for self learning. This allows each student, 24/7, the possibility to learn  with whom they want, when they want and for how long they want. Learning is greatly simplified by modern technology such as internet-PCs, e-whiteboards and large monitors with Skype access. The MLK of the LDT was made possible by generous donations from the  “Wilhelm Lorch Foundation”, the  “Deutschen Fachverlags” and the LDT’s own LDT Foundation.

6. Kitchenette

To make studying in the MLK more enjoyable, all students have access to the fully-equipped kitchenette with coffee machine and hot water cooker located directly across from the MLK. This mobile kitchenette was made possible by the generous financial support of the “Society of Friends of LDT Nagold”.

7. WIFI Campus

The entire LDT Campus is equipped with wifi. Through a “login”, all LDT students have free access to the LDT Nagold’s internet - for school or for private use.

8. Intranet

LDT students can also login to the LDT internal Intranet to get messages from instructors and information from the administration. There is also a grades portal where each student – without advance notice to the LDT – is able to access their exam results. This grades portal is specially secured ad encrypted.

9. Free Email Address

All LDT students receive a free email address at the beginning of their studies that they can use for both school and private use for the duration of their studies.

10. Company presentations in the LDT Auditorium

Periodically, renowned partner companies of the LDT Nagold make presentations in the auditorium about their historic roots, which role they play in the market and which visions of the future they have for their business. Through this personal insight into the respective companies and through the overview of entry opportunities for LDT graduates, the LDT students gain additional added value for their future careers while still in school.

11. Choosing the focus of study / Placement consulting

Special events (lectures, workshops, etc.) give the LDT students important insight into selected occupations within the fashion industry so that they can target the business area they wish to focus on; retail or wholesale Special events also take place (Assessment Centre;  Interview Weekend), that provide – without any additional financial expense for the students – targeted information to make finding a job following the study period easier.

12. Online Job Boards

A special “Job Board” with LDT posted available positions is also available to students around the clock under . Under the heading “Job-Portal” on the LDT Nagold homepage are also weblinks to job boards from partners of LDT Nagold.

13. LDT’s own special function room / Disco “Waldruhe”

The student association, the LDT AStA, manages the legendary “Waldruhe”, which is found on the grounds of the LDT. Students can meet here for social gatherings and upon consultation with the responsible parties, host their own special occasions here such as parties or class reunions.

14. LDT Casino (Mensa)

The LDT Casino, located on the LDT grounds, ensures the students meal services. From 7:15 am until 4:30 pm, LDT students can get full meals and snacks. The service includes not only breakfast and lunch but also cold and hot drinks. Our casino-team look forward to welcoming the students and staff of LDT in the LDT Casino!

15. Free parking in LDT’s own parking garage

The LDT Nagold campus offers ample parking facilities for it’s students through a combination of it’s own parking garage and the adjacent free parking lot. This provides, especially in the wintertime, a comfortable solution for the private cars of many students.

16. Interruption of studies in the full-time model

An interruption of studies is possible at the end of each semester (for example, due to an internship, study abroad or a leave of absence) without any major obstacles. An application, submitted in advance to the administration office, is normally sufficient.